DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is an attack where multiple systems are compromised. A DDoS attack is very similar to a DoS attack, which stands for Denial of Service.

How does it work?


When a DDoS attack occurs, there is incoming traffic which floods the victim’s system, making it overwhelmed with all of the traffic. This comes from many different sources and floods the bandwidth/resources of the targeted system. The main goal of a DDoS attack is to make an online service unavailable. 

The main target companies for this type of attack are very important resources such as the government, banks, and major news outlets. Hackers who implement DDoS attacks, attempt to force a system to shut down because of all the incoming messages they flood the system with. Ultimately, this doesn’t allow service to the system’s legitimate users.


The steps to a DDoS attack and what you should familiarize yourself with.

  • The first step to initiating a DDoS attack is creating an army of “bots”. Bots will be in the form of computers who were transformed because of malware that has compromised the computer. There are a couple of ways that malware can enter your computer. The main way that hackers plant this into a computer is via the network it is sitting on. Once the computer has the malware on it, the hacker can now control the computer and it acts as an access point.
  • Once a computer is in the form of a bot, it is connected to the hacker’s command centre where the hacker can give it orders to attack the companies entire system.
  • To successfully take down an entire companies system, the hacker will deploy thousands of bots and continuously give them commands.
  • Many DDoS attacks take place within as little as 24 hours.

Currently, there are many DDoS attacks that have effected large enterprises across North America. These attacks can leave companies with horrible reputations, lawsuits and an unhappy client base. Don’t let a security attack that can be prevented effect your business.