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Healthcare Technology

Our healthcare technology solutions will allow your institution to run efficiently by integrating the best technology.

Global USS designs, implements and installs high-end solutions for many different kinds of healthcare organizations.




Digital Signage

Implementing a digital signage system throughout a large facility is beneficial for displaying important information to visitors and staff. This can all be controlled from a centralized dashboard in the hospital.

Digital Wayfinding

Wayfinding allows a facility to take the complexity out of visitors familiarizing themselves with a building and allowing them to find the destination they are looking for. Digital wayfinding can be in the form of kiosks or interactive displays.

Donor Video Wall

Having a donor video wall is a great way to recognize the generous donors of your foundation. These video walls can allow for an interactive experience that gives your guests a fantastic experience.

One of the biggest benefits of integrating a donor video wall is the ease of use and ability to change the information easily.

Patient Entertainment

In-room patient entertainment displays give the hospital the ability to allow the patient to have access to television channels, hospital information, applications, videos, notifications, and more. This system can be easily managed within the hospital. The displays are controlled with a custom healthcare grade pillow speaker which also integrates with the Nurse Call system and auxiliary functions, such as lighting, shades and temperature control.


Patient Registration

Implementing patient registration kiosks in waiting areas, visiting patients are able to check in to their appointments without needing to bother the staff.


As an OTN vendor we specialize in providing video conferencing solutions that allows doctors and patients to connect remotely.

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