What We Do

Our Approach

As a part of our audio visual services, Global’s in-house staff includes System Designers, CAD Designers, Project Managers,  Programmers, Technicians, and Site Managers.

We ensure to maintain a high level of quality skills in our staff by having a dedicated team that has years of experience in audio visual installation and IT integration.



Every solution we design is customized to meet project-specific requirements. Our methodology is based on performance, efficiency, and modularity. Together with our in-depth technical knowledge we strive to deliver systems that are scalable, flexible, and future-ready.


AutoCAD drawing packages are created for every project to show system schematics, infrastructure, and detailed views of equipment to be installed. Having in-house AutoCAD resources helps to capture every detail and to work efficiently.


Our Programming Department’s focus is on developing flexible and customized solutions, regardless of complexity with end user in mind. We do this by listening and evaluating your needs, and creating a User Interface that suits your specific scenario so that users can focus on what they are working on – not how to operate the system.


Project Management

An AV deployment can involve several different trades, such as IT, electrical and general contractors. By following industry standards and our own set of processes, our team will work with you to ensure that the project flows smoothly and without complications.


AV systems can be found in a wide range of environments such as offices, hospitals, and restaurants. Certain components can be hidden, while others are in plain sight and interacted with. Professional integration requires attention to safety, aesthetics, and serviceability. Our technicians adhere to AVIXA standards for installation and commissioning.


After each project is complete, training will be arranged for your team to ensure that you can get the maximum use of your investment. Our trainer will conduct a session that covers:

  • Operation
  • User interface
  • Maintenance & trouble shooting

Service & Support

We are the only integrator in the industry that provides complete remote assistance as a complimentary service. This ensures that most major issues are immediately assessed and addressed which allows for a productive on-site visit as issues would have been pre-assessed.



Crestron Dealer

Crestron certifications:

  • CCP
  • CTI-P301
  • CTI-P201
  • CTI-Fusion-P
  • CTI-SG
  • DM-NVX-N
  • DMC-D
  • DMC-E



Extron certifications:

  • Extron Authorized Programmer
  • Extron XTP Systems Design Engineer
  • Extron Control Professional
  • Extron Control Specialist
  • Extron ProDSP Specialist


AVIXA certifications:

  • CTS
  • CTS-D
  • CTS-I


Vocia and Tesira certified


QSC Q-SYS Core Level I & II

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