Many companies now a days are building bigger and better facilities which leaves one concern – how will your customers find their way to where they are looking to go, without getting lost?


The answer is simple, and that is implementing wayfinding technology. This is one of the latest and greatest technologies in the industry because it lets customers easily find their way through large buildings or facilities.


Benefits of Wayfinding Technology:

  • Time saving. The main aspect of wayfinding technology that draws people in is the time saving capability that comes along side it. By implementing this technology, a company will waste a lot of their employees time by helping customers find certain locations. This will eliminate all of that effort and will then lead to increased employee productivity. From a clients perspective, this will increase their willingness to come back to a certain company or facility because they were able to find their way around the location easily.


  • Cost effective. Implementing a mapping technology is extremely cost effective, especially when you compare it to the amount of time spent by employees to assist customers to their end location they are looking for. These units are very reasonably priced and will help to increase the productivity between your staff and for your customers.


  • Interactive. This form of technology is very easy and interactive to use with your customers or employees. This provides them with the ability to plug into the kiosk where they are wanting to go and how they can achieve this.


  • Customization. One of the best aspects of this technology is the customization ability that it has. When you are looking for mapping technology, you consult with Global USS the abilities that you are looking for, the areas that you want to display on your map, etc. Each kiosk is completely customized to your business.



Given all the benefits of Wayfinding, this technology is becoming extremely popular in the following areas:


  • Education Facilities
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Retail Locations


If you are looking for a customized wayfinding technology for your business, ask to speak with one of our specialists today.