Today, many top companies  have offices nationwide or even worldwide. One of the most important questions that they will ask themselves is:

How do I get all of my employees to communicate across different time zones?


There is a simple answer for this, and that is video conferencing.

Videoconferencing is a technology that has been around for a couple of years, but it is really starting to improve dramatically. Gone are the days where employees constantly have to travel to different locations to get work done efficiently and productively. This is where videoconferencing comes in handy.


So what is the difference between videoconferencing and a conference call?


  • Video conferencing allows you to get that “in person” feel. This is a key factor especially when it is a meeting with decision makers.


  • It allows you to connect with the person/people on the other end of the call. If you have never met someone that you are on a conference call with, it can feel quite odd to constantly talk to them and develop a relationship without actually seeing them. The ability to see the person on the other end of the call really reinforces the relationship and allows you to build it further.


  • Being able to collaborate and share content while video conferencing and without having to move between different applications.


  • The feeling of having a physical meeting with a person or group of people without having to waste time travelling from place to place.


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