Many challenges that we face in today’s work force is around group collaboration.

With many people working remotely, it is very difficult to collaborate in a group setting easily. InFocus has created a perfect device for group collaboration.


The Mondopad, by InFocus, is a perfect solution for any small boardroom, meeting room or huddle room. The Mondopad allows you to video call, annotate and collaborate with a group of people with ease. In three different size options, 57”, 70” and 80”, the Mondopad is a device that is reasonably priced and runs a giant touchscreen PC.


With the Mondopad you are able to do the following:
– Annotate anywhere

– Video conference with up to four people

– Connect a second display

– Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices

– Bring your own device to mirror and share content
Currently on its second version, the Mondopad has seen great success. Here at Global USS we just installed one into our huddle room! Call today to schedule a demo of the Mondopad and to learn more about how this solution will be perfect for you.