Preventative Products for COVID-19

    Global USS continues to run as a remotely operated business providing you with support and solutions to get your business through this difficult time. We are committed to supporting essential businesses with the below solutions.

    As businesses are beginning to reopen, we want to ensure everyone has the tools to operate safely and stop the spread of COVID-19.


    Global USS is now offering solutions that provide an extra layer of protection for your business.

    Draper Clarity Shield™

    The Clarity Shield™ is a clear vinyl barrier to help prevent cross-contamination between individuals when physical distancing cannot be attained. This cleanable, lightweight, and portable barrier is designed to be used in public places where people gather including:

    • Meeting rooms
    • Classrooms
    • Office spaces
    • Healthcare facilities
    Available in four different options, the Clarity Shield is a sturdy alternative to improvised setups. For more information on the different models click here.


    HygenX Vray High Intensity Portable and Cordless UV-C Sanitizer

    This portable, lightweight device kills 99.9% of bacteria found on everyday items in classrooms, offices and shared spaces.

    Vray has the ability to be used anywhere and on anything, including surfaces, keyboards, instrument panels, touchscreens, etc.


    Jabra Panacast

    The Jabra PanaCast offers patented video stitching technology that provides a wide 180° room coverage with our three 13-megapixel 4K Cameras, even in rooms where the table is next to the wall. No hidden participants, no blind spots, no wasted space. 

    • Easy to deploy, Plug-and-play video technology certified with Microsoft Teams/MS Teams Rooms, Zoom and compatible with major UC Leading Platforms such as Cisco Webex and many more
    • Panoramic-4K video for their huddle rooms to drive collaboration and productivity
    • Supporting social distancing within a small meeting room, enabling meetings to take place due to the 180° field of view, you can help your customers stay safe with our video conferencing solutions.

    Freestanding Sanitary Kiosk by CRIMSONAV

    Freestanding sanitary kiosk that can provide PPE gear to keep customers safe. This company unit features:

    • IR temperature reading sensor
    • Digital display which can provide results, advertisements, regulations, etc.
    • Automatic sanitary gel dispenser (fits gallon jugs)
    • Glove and face masks box holder


    Tauri Temperature Check Tablet

    To keep your environment safe, Glory Star has created fast way to check anyone’s temperature prior to them entering a room.

    • Glory Star’s temperature check access control system is based on an algorithm that is designed to detect body temperature within 3 second detection rate at a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter distance.
    • More hygienic with non-touch infrared technology.
    • Multiple devices can be monitored by a single user. 
    • Tablets are available in 10″, 15″ and 21″ options.

    Philips Display PeopleCount

    A stand-alone solution, Philips Professional Displays offers a people counting solution that allows your business to monitor people occupancy levels, which allows for proper physical distancing.

    Placed at the store’s point of entry, the solution uses a security camera to count people crossing the point of entry. The camera integrates with a “traffic light system” on an LCD display which is used to communicate with the customer when it is safe to enter the store.


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