Infocomm 2016 was a great success!

With hundreds of booths and thousands of products, the Global USS team has narrowed down the new products to watch for.


Crestron AVIA

AVIA simplifies audio programming, expansion and integration. It also supports audio over IP using the DANTE network and integrates with Digital Media Touch screens, Crestron Fusion Cloud and other UC Technology as part of a comprehensive Crestron solution. 1


One of the most well-known DSP manufacturers, Biamp, has expanded into the world of video. The AVB network protocol which sees heavy use in Biamp’s world has finally put the “V” to use. Two video endpoints have been added to the Tesira platform, an AVB video encoder, and decoder. In addition to 4K60 capability, the units also have connections for audio, control, and fibre optic connectivity. With this expansion of the Tesira platform, distributed audio networks can now also have video run on the same infrastructure, all while being perfectly synchronized.




Kramer has introduced a new control platform that combines hardware, software in a cloud environment. On site, Smart Units are the heart of the solution. Smart Units provide bi−directional control of any device, the Manager, Builder, and Dashboard with universal I/O ports. The solution supports industry standards such as IR, serial RS−232, relays, and GPIO. Smart Units can automatically connect to the Cloud and seamlessly sync for updates in real time. They also update themselves whenever new updates become available.   Users can control Smart Units via a user−friendly, customizable interface on a dedicated Kramer Control touch panel, any 3rd−party tablet, or over the Web with BYOD. The solution’s non−hierarchical distributed architecture of standalone Smart Units ensures the system will remain up and running in the case of any single point of failure. Drag-and-drop interface makes changing a current setup or adding new control panels a breeze.   The Analytics Dashboard (powered by Kramer Network) automatically gathers all control data and generates actionable business analytics such as device health and performance, room usage, operational efficiency, energy usage, and more. 0



LG Dual Sided OLED

With cutting-edge OLED technology, LG Electronics introduces an innovative Dual-view Flat OLED Signage that has perfect picture quality and revolutionary pencil-thin design, adding artistic value to its display functionality. With just two layers, the LG OLED Signage Display is unbelievably light-weight and thin.  This replaces bulky dual sided installations with a single display thinner than any conventional single sided display.


LG OLED Signage provides 5,000 times faster motion picture response time, for perfectly clear images without blurring. Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce black. No light bleed. Absolute black offers infinite contrast.  Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy. LG OLED Signage delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.  In short it’s the most realistic and vibrant picture I have ever seen, simply one of the most outstanding displays Infocomm 2016 had to offer.



Sony Canvas Display

Sony’s CLEDIS display was a show stealer at InfoComm 2016. The 9’ x 32’ wall made up of over 160 15” x 17”cubes comes in at an estimated 1.5 million dollars but was absolutely stunning. The cubes are laser aligned and there are no visible seems whatsoever. Bright and crystal clear images make this the most impressive display at the show by far.

Canvas press photo small



Evoko Liso

Evoko introduced a new Room Scheduling Touchscreen, “LISO”, with a smooth look and graphical interface that is much brighter that its predecessor. You can still see at a glance whether or not the room is vacant by the red or green backlight. The physical size however has changed, its much thinner and not so chunky.

Setting up the Evoko Room Manager is as easy as before, with the latest version of software you can now update the firmware over the network. No more connecting to the display with a USB cable to perform updates!



With all of the new products, the Global team cannot wait to put them to work! Contact us today to learn more about the up and coming products.