HTSS has been postponed to Spring 2023!

who the event is for:

  • IT/Technology Coordinators, Managers, Directors & CIOs
  • Simulation & Training Coordinators/Managers
  • Facility Coordinators, Managers & Directors
  • Builders & Consultants involved in Healthcare Infrastructure Projects

focused solutions on:

  • Simulation technology
  • Audio visual solutions for healthcare
  • Video conferencing
  • End-to-end collaboration solutions
  • Digital signage, video walls  & patient entertainment 
Hospital Digital Signage

HTSS will be a hybrid event happening in person and virtually!

What you can expect from the event?

Our event will include three sessions about technology solutions for healthcare environments and dedicated vendor booths. This will allow you to:

– Gain knowledge of industry best practices

– Learn how audio visual and simulation solutions integrate together to create a robust training facility

– Network with industry colleagues

Session Topics

Project Showcase

Discover the solutions integrated in a hospital simulation lab completed by Global USS & CAE.

CAE LearningSpace

Elevate your education experience with CAE LearningSpace, a customizable simulation center management solution. As your educational program evolves, so can CAE LearningSpace – from a one-room simulation center to an interconnected, multi-room center or distance learning manager. The platform offers a range of solutions, from audiovisual recordings and debriefs to inventory management and standardized patient administration. Learn more about CAE LearningSpace and how this solution can be tailored to fit your sim center needs.

Samsung Display Solutions

 Learn about Samsung’s comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of applications. Display solutions from Samsung can deliver the tools needed to communicate quickly and efficiently throughout a healthcare facility, whether it is for navigating the facility, viewing donor walls, or to patient care facilities.

CAE Healthcare provides immersive healthcare education solutions to prepare learners for the moments that matter. 

Learn about CAE Healthcare Solutions

CAE LearningSpace

Find the right fit with CAE LearningSpace, the simulation center management platform that offers a wide range of solutions. This all-in-one debriefing tool can be customized to simplify your workload, from inventory management to standardized patient scheduling.

CAE Lucina

Featuring a realistic birthing process, from normal delivery to emergency scenarios, CAE Lucina trains on all stages of maternal delivery and comes equipped with 10 Simulated Clinical Experiences. Transform CAE Lucina from an obstetrical patient to a non-gravid female patient for dual use.

CAE Ares

Portable, lightweight and durable, CAE Ares enhances training for emergency care scenarios. Upgrade your simulation with CAE AresAR for an immersive learning experience.

CAE Maestro Evolve

Deliver simulation training wherever your learners are with CAE Maestro Evolve, a virtual training platform with pre-programmed scenarios and realistic content. Educate remotely through the virtual patient room, featuring a virtual patient with advanced physiology and virtual medical equipment.

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