The changing market space requires businesses to stay agile so they can react quickly to the evolving technology while staying connected more than before with their customers, partners and vendors.  This paradoxical demand of the market space is the root for the birth and quick adoption of unified communications.

What started as a simple VoIP communication riding over the public Internet mainly to be used by consumers soon developed into an all-encompassing business solution powered by advanced technology platforms like the Cisco UCS and feature-rich VoIP telephone systems like the Polycom conference phone.   Soon the market was flooded with VoIP service providers offering not just the basic consumer VoIP solutions but advanced business VoIP solutions with fully featured VoIP telephone systems with conference call service, video collaboration, on- premise, hosted and cloud-based PBX and now the latest UCaaS options.

Amongst all this humdrum, small businesses are wondering if there is more to the buzz around the Cisco UCS and the Polycom conference phone.   As a small business CEO you just want to know how Unified Communications can help YOU outsmart YOUR COMPETITION!

Read on to see how Unified Communications can not only give you a competitive edge but also help reduce your operational cost.


1. Reduce your overheads of a physical office while maintaining a professional company image: Your employees can log into work from the comfort of their home and access the corporate phone system via an internet connection.   The collaborative platform keeps all departments connected so your employees can

A) Receive customer calls remotely and transfer the calls and emails directly to the right departments with just a click of a button

B) Respond instantly on the unified messaging platform and finish the task on hand without losing the momentum

C) Not only can the supervisors monitor the employees remotely with the network login reports but can also delegate task and manage performance remotely

D) Scale to your business needs without the heavy upfront costs


2. Get a competitive edge and increase productivity with no limits to the working hours or the location.

A) Reduced travel time alone contributes to increased productivity but it is the ability to respond at anytime from anywhere that gives you and your employees the flexibility to conduct the business for extended hours.

B) Integration with backend applications like CRM/ERP allows your sales and service teams to quickly retrieve customer information and process an end-to-end order instantaneously thus reducing the sales cycle and enhancing customer service and retention.

C) Never miss an opportunity to generate new business by proactively using various tools and features that a UC platform can offer. For e.g.  the ability to retrieve past transactions as well as the record calls of the customer via integrated CRM/ERM allows your marketing primes to find hidden opportunities and uncover additional business requirement from your existing clients