Telemedicine is becoming a key part of many healthcare organizations. As a vendor for Ontario Telemedicine Network, Global Unified Solution Services Inc. works to provide the best solution for your organization.

Through telemedicine, patients and doctors are able to communicate seamlessly.

How can telemedicine help your organization?

Remote patient monitoring.  Today, many healthcare patients do not have full access to the specialized treatment that they require. By providing telemedicine, doctors are easily able to assess patients from a distance and provide with improved access to medical care.

Connecting your team together. If you have multiple organizations across the country, you will need to connect your entire organization. This can be done via teleconferencing products and services. This will allow your team to be more productive.

Reduce unnecessary costs. Telemedicine allows your staff to connect with patients in different time zones, which reduces the amount of time wasted travelling.

Deliver your knowledge at a distance. Have a patient that is on the other side of the country? Easily connect with them and provide them with the best care possible.

Technology in healthcare is growing rapidly. Providing the best care to patients is now possible through telemedicine. This is a game changer for many remote locations that do not have access to doctors and specialists.


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