Collaborative workspace are taking the corporate community by storm.


Instead of having multiple large boardrooms, many enterprise companies decide on having small break out rooms or collaboration rooms for their employees.


These rooms are very beneficial for employees because it increases the collaboration between all parties and improves productivity. Some of these benefits include:


  • Technology friendly. These collaborative workspaces make it very easy to incorporate your technology while having discussions with other colleagues. Many collaborative rooms have a display or projector so that anyone can walk into the room and share their screen.


  • A smaller, more convenient workspace. Some of the large corporate boardrooms are great but can sometimes be very inefficient. Working in a smaller space with three or four people allows for easier and stronger group work to be done. This also leaves the bigger boardrooms open for when they are needed to host large groups.


  • Cost effective. Switching to a collaborative approach means that your audio visual systems will not be as expensive as completing an entire enterprise boardroom. In smaller spaces, you can easily implement a cost effective solution that allows your employees to share, collaborate, and video conference on a smaller budget. The smaller the room, the more effective it is for your budget!


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