Video walls are becoming a very popular aspect of many business organizations.


A video wall solution can be used for many different functions, including the following:


  1. Security and Surveillance

One of the most popular uses for video walls this year have been for security and surveillance. Video walls make a great add on to any security room. This allows your security team to monitor your entire premise by looking on multiple screens at once.

  1. Advertisements

Advertising on video walls is very unique. Using multiple panels to show different ads to your clients can allow an interactive experience.

  1. Emergency Services

Emergency Service operations cannot afford for any down time. Using multiple displays for a video wall is a very important aspect for an emergency services operation because this allows their entire team to see multiple things at once. This allows for them to understand the full operation, while analyzing and reporting on their progress and next steps.

  1. Broadcast

Now a days many broadcast stations install video walls because they provide floor to ceiling display, which many displays are not big enough to do. This allows for viewers to clearly see what is being displayed and provides the broadcast company with a customized solution for their location.

  1. Monitoring Data

Factories, control rooms, offices and more. All of these applications require a type of data monitoring that can be very difficult to accomplish on one screen. Configuring data to be separated and sectioned into specific areas on a video wall allow many people to analyze and report real time data.

  1. Control Rooms

Control rooms can be very frustrating and confusing with the amount of different things happening all at once. A custom video wall solution allows everyone to see all of the information in one place, segmented into different sections.

Video Wall Control Room

Video walls are becoming a very popular application for many customized needs. They can be used for reporting, analyzing, advertising, and more. Our experienced technology consultants will help you to design the best solution for your needs.