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Global Unified Solution Services™ focuses on helping organizations leverage best of breed technologies and innovations to connect people. As a full systems integration company, we specialize in audio-visual solutions, unified voice, data and video communications, and building automation and control systems.

We work with the leading technology companies to meet the needs of a diverse set of our clients across key industry verticals—private companies, government bodies, educational institutions, entertainment/leisure and hospitality sectors.

We go beyond delivering technology solutions, including the combined package of project management services, technology integration, optimal design and strategic consultation makes us a business efficiency-enabler of choice. We bridge the gap between advanced technologies and organizational needs—helping you CONNECT better!

Video Conferencing: Why It Is A Preferred Communication Tool

Businesses have outgrown local and regional borders and so should their communication.   Gone are the days when business communication was conducted through unclear telegraphs and pot letters. Advancements in technology sought to lessen this bureaucratic form of... read more
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