With so many other brands dealing with products similar to yours, it is a privilege to have potential customers walk into your merchandise or service store.

So how do you ensure they stay and don’t leave empty handed? By using video walls as a relationship building tool to complement your inviting help desk and customer support staff.


Era of digital signage

Pleasing the clients and making them feel welcome in your business premise goes a long way in building customer loyalty that is crucial in guaranteeing more sales for your business. Many enterprises that embraced it from the beginning reaped maximally. Currently, the gestural digital signage in the name of video wall displays, which is an advancement of the static visual signage, seems to be the new big thing.

Nevertheless, there exist a thin line between customer engagement and dull content display on a video wall display. So how do you ensure your business video walls are optimized to increase user engagement and relationship building?

By using them to amplify the brand

The content displayed therein should be relevant and serve to amplify the brand. For instance, it may reiterate the information obtained from the help desk. Additionally, the video walls should be used to illustrate the quality of the product as well as the products inherent benefits and value with an excited tone.

By using them to offer additional product information

Do you wish to capture your client’s attention? Explain to them how the product they are interested in works. However, not all of the customers that walk into your premise enjoy small talks with the support staff but still would still like to know about your new product before carrying it home.

Video walls can, therefore, be used to appeal to such clients by offering tutorials on how the various products in display work. They present a chance to further convince the customer why they need the product while at the same time eliminating the biased emotions from the support staff.

By using them to guide the clients through your store

Video walls can also be multi-purpose and used to guide your staff through your departmental store or hall while providing product information at the same time. The banking halls are the perfect example of how this multi-tasking has been achieved to communicate ideas and still ensure smooth operations.

Most banking halls use digital media to communicate the different offers they are running as well as the benefits of opening up various accounts. The same video displays with audio extensions are also used to call the next customer ensuring orderly services. Such trends can be tweaked slightly to suit any other business.

Make them interactive

The ultimate goal of any business is ensuring a seamlessly enhanced customer experience that improves customer engagement. Such engagement and relationship building has for long revolved around the kind of interaction a customer has with the support staff. But intelligent video walls seek to complement the support staff roles and further build on client relationships.

Such engagement ranges from general interaction where customers interact with the digital media while waiting to be served or autonomous engagement that allows for self-service. Either of the two forms of communication from an intelligent video wall enhances the clients shopping experience and in turn, improves the overall brand image in the face of the customer.

Stylish video walls can be used as promotional teasers

How well would you announce your brand’s new product or upcoming special deals than using a video wall display? The fact that they offer real-time engagement ensures that they are more efficient than the catalogs and flyers. Unlike other promotional media, the video walls are hard to ignore and, therefore, pass the message to everyone across the room.

You only need to be clear and precise in your promotion, and if the deal is exciting enough, the customers in the store will market you to their friends and relatives. If your offers and promotional deals are occasional, the video wall will attract more potential customers to your business premises to find about the next offer and your proper organization and welcoming staff may end up captivating their hearts thus turning them into regular and ultimately loyal customers.

Businesses engage and build up relationships with their clients by addressing them directly using products the find most appealing. Video walls can be used to achieve both at the same time as they are attractive and hard to ignore as well as promote brands that customers already like. They, therefore, play a crucial role in inspiring customer satisfaction and in effect inspiring loyalty.