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Audio Visual & Collaboration

Technology solutions for:

– Improved collaboration

– Presentation systems

– Recording & streaming meetings

– Speaker & PA systems

– Digital signage

– Digital wayfinding

– Video & audio conferencing

Architectural Acoustics

Room and/or Isolation Acoustics for:

– Meeting rooms

– Phone booths

– Private offices

– Open offices

– Training rooms

– Auditoriums/Townhalls

– Lobby/Reception areas

– Lunch room/Lounge areas

Our solutions

Healthcare Video Wall

Audio Visual

Custom-designed audio visual solutions help to engage and provide a great experience to patients and staff.

As a partner of Ontario Health, Global USS supplies telemedicine solutions for healthcare organizations in Ontario.

Our solutions are designed for:

  • Lecture halls & auditoriums
  • Simulation & training centers
  • Boardrooms, meeting & huddle rooms
  • In-Patient Rooms
  • Telemedicine Rooms

Global Unified Solution Services is a Gold OECM Supplier Partner providing products and services under OECM’s Master Agreement.

Architectural Acoustics 

Global USS provides custom-designed solutions that work with your aesthetic to increase acoustic performance in your healthcare facility.

Having improved acoustic performance in a healthcare facility helps to ensure critical private healthcare information is protected, this includes verbal communication under PHIPPA.

    • A lot of information must be verbally communicated in public open areas, such as nursing stations and pharmacies in hospitals.
    • Private doctor offices are a prime example of this where waiting rooms are often directly adjacent to examination rooms. While waiting for an appointment at a medical centre or clinic, we should not hear the communication of doctors with other patients.
    • Even local drug stores should allow for confidential medical communication.

Infection Control Concerns – How To Integrate Acoustics Into Healthcare Facilities

Acoustically treating a healthcare facility precludes the use of fibrous acoustic absorbent materials, as they can not be disinfected.

In traditional healthcare spaces, surfaces are mainly hard materials that enable cleaning and disinfection but do not assist with creating a controlled acoustic environment.

We design acoustic solutions with specialty materials which can be disinfected as well as isolate noise, such as:

  • Privacy Board™, Plenum Barrier Board™
  • Sound Masking
  • DeAmp Sound Absorbers – in Stainless Steel and Acrylic
  • Hygienic Ceiling Tiles & Baffles

By treating your facilities acoustically and reducing noise-related stress, you can expect:

  • Protection of critical private healthcare information
  • Improved patient outcomes and staff performance
  • Ensure accuracy of communication
  • Improved speech intelligibly in critical communication areas
  • Clarity of aging & call systems

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