With technology constantly emerging, Global Unified Solution Services is taking the best technologies and applying them to the healthcare industry.

In the ever growing market, healthcare is very slow to adopt to change. Working with leaders in the market, we provide the best solutions for your organization.



Working with leaders in the videoconference industry, we provide telecommunication to connect doctors and patients. This is extremely helpful for healthcare organizations that are in remote locations. This gives patients easy access to the best care possible.



With hospitals ranging over a million square feet in total, it is very easy for any patient to get lost. Using indoor mapping technologies, wayfinding makes it possible for anyone to find the proper location that they are looking for.


Digital Signage

Signage is very important in healthcare organizations because it can display important information to all of its patients. Through digital signage, you are able to display scheduling, information, promotions and advertisements.


Patient Entertainment Systems

Accessibility to entertainment in hospitals now is very limited. With Global Unified Solution Services’ customized entertainment systems, you are able to provide the best entertainment solutions for your patients.


Patient Registration Kiosks

Tracking patient information is very important for healthcare organizations. Allowing patients to easily provide their information into a database and check in for appointments allows healthcare staff to free up their time spent with administrative work.


Technology in healthcare is becoming a standard for many new and upgrading health organizations. To learn more visit our Healthcare page or contact Global USS  to learn more.