Improved technology in teaching environments helps to improve student experience and success.

What are you looking to achieve and/or improve? 


Audio Visual & Collaboration

Technology solutions for:

  • Improved student collaboration
  • eSports Labs & Arenas
  • Recording and streaming classes
  • Speaker & PA systems
  • Digital signage
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Remote learning
  • Video & audio conferencing

Architectural Acoustics

Room and/or Isolation Acoustics of varying degrees for:

  • Classrooms
  • Lecture Halls/Auditoriums
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Common Areas
  • Lobby/Reception Areas/Atriums
  • Cafeteria/Lounge Areas
  • Recording Studios
  • Private Offices


Protective Solutions:

  • For BYOD devices
  • To prevent ransomware attacks
  • To address zero-day cybersecurity incidents
  • Using cybersecurity awareness training
  • To comply with regulatory requirements
  • For email and network security

Our solutions


Audio Visual

Custom-designed audio visual solutions help to engage and provide a great experience to students and teachers.

Our end-to-end solutions are easy to use, so users can focus on teaching and/or learning. Our solutions are designed for:

  • Lecture halls & auditoriums 
  • Classrooms & training rooms
  • Boardrooms, meeting & huddle rooms
  • eSports labs & arenas
  • Libraries & study halls
  • Gymnasiums & sporting facilities 
  • Remote learning

Global Unified Solution Services is a Gold OECM Supplier Partner providing products and services under OECM’s Master Agreement.

Technology for education


Architectural Acoustics

Global USS provides custom-designed solutions that work with your aesthetic to increase acoustic performance.

What must a learning space have?

  • Good speech intelligibility for:
    • Students who speak English as a second language
    • Students who are sick or hard of hearing
    • All types of learning styles (introverted/extroverted)
  • Must follow the international standards of:
    • Reverberation times
    • Background noise level, including HVAC noise
    • Room to room acoustic isolation
  • Acoustics and technology that works with integrated audio visual systems
  • The same acoustic outcomes and technology solutions, whether it is a new or historical building

Working with your company’s interior design, Global’s acoustic consultant will provide a custom solution for room and isolation acoustics.

Our exclusive materials address the challenges of:

  • Glass meeting rooms (which have the fishbowl effect)
  • Rooms with hard surfaces
  • Large volume rooms


Having the right security plan in place for an educational facility is extremely important. Students, professors, and faculty members all have multiple devices that sit on your network, which can be difficult to manage.

Protect your resources from a breach and stay informed with what is happening on your network with our cybersecurity solutions.

  • Breach Defense. If you have recently faced a breach, we are able to reduce your recovery time, damage, and the cost involved to restore your lost data. Global USS is also able to help protect from future breaches.
  • Consulting. With our industry experts, Global USS will help you create the best security plan for your facility.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Ensure that the users on your network are aware of what cybersecurity threats are, and how to identify phishing scams.

Let the Global USS team manage your security solutions so you can focus on running your business. 



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