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With almost a century of innovation, Shure has been building reliable audio products since 1925.

Whether you need an audio system for your boardroom, huddle room, training center, lecture hall or council chamber, Shure has a product that will delivery the quality you need.

Elevate Your Conference Audio Experience With Shure

Audio is the most important part of your meeting. If you can’t hear the people you are meeting with, how can you be productive?

Shure has created different product lines to suit the needs of all customers. Whether you like wireless, wired or ceiling microphones Shure has the product that will fit your budget AND delivery quality audio.



MXA 910 Ceiling Array Microphone

The MXA 910 provides a simple, no-fuss, high-quality audio experience. Forget about having to deal with the audio and focus on your meeting.

MXA 310 Table Array Microphone

Remove the unnecessary clutter from your meeting room and increase audio quality with the MXA 310. The discreet design of this microphone is the perfect addition to your space. 

Microflex® Complete Wireless

Meetings change on the fly. People move around and you may have to change meeting rooms. Don’t let the audio suffer because of this. With the Microflex® Complete Wireless, you can get a great audio system without the frustration of a complicated setup. 

Microflex® Complete

Allow your large boardroom or council chamber to have impeccable audio and useful features with the Microflex® Complete. With the features of voting, agenda, interpretation and identity verification, you can keep your meeting on track.


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