Many companies are looking to centrally manage all of their technical requirements, which is possible with integrated building technology.


These technologies ensure real time building controls to evolve to your companies ever changing needs.


Implementing smart building technologies have many benefits to your company, including the following:


  • Allowing your company to be “green conscious”. With building management, you are able to see your consumption and proactively monitor, measure and manage all of the energy you are consuming. This is one of the biggest benefits of integrating your building is the energy saving costs, which are incredible. It has been determined that companies save thousands of dollars per year by having the option to see all of the energy that they are consuming and what areas that they can cut back on.


  • Device management. This allows you to monitor and manage the global needs of your companies AV devices. Seeing multiple meeting rooms or offices at once can be very beneficial. This will give you the opportunity to see what needs servicing, what issues you are having and the amount of AV devices that you have within your building.


  • Integrate with your existing work calendar to implement advanced scheduling. Advanced scheduling is extremely important for any company that has multiple meeting room spaces. This allows you to book rooms in advanced through your calendar or instantly determine the status of a room from the scheduling panel outside of the room.


  • Centralize your technical support. Utilizing smart building technology, you are able to centralize all of your technical documentations to make it easy for your staff to resolve issues easily in any room.


  • Create custom reports. With smart building technologies you are able to generate customized reports to acquire insights on your facilities, meeting rooms, and audio visual equipment. For example, it can generate a report of how long your meeting rooms were used and how many rooms were booked throughout the day.These reports can give you data the specific data you are looking for.


Technology stands in the way of allowing businesses to grow. Implementing building technology will allow your businesses’ resources to easily connect while giving your business the tools it needs to succeed.