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Improved technology in teaching environments helps to improve student experience and success.


What are you looking to achieve/improve?

– Acoustics

– AV for Esports Facilities

– Classroom & Meeting Room Technology

    • Audio & Video Conferencing

    • Control Systems

    • Recording & Streaming

    • Remote Learning

    • Video Systems

– Digital Signage & Digital Wayfinding

– Paging Systems

Our solutions

Audio Visual

Custom-designed audio visual solutions help to engage and provide a great experience to students and teachers.

Our end-to-end solutions are easy to use, so users can focus on teaching and/or learning. Our solutions are designed for:

  • Lecture halls & auditoriums 
  • Classrooms & training rooms
  • Boardrooms, meeting & huddle rooms
  • Esports labs & arenas
  • Libraries & study halls
  • Gymnasiums & sporting facilities
  • Remote learning

Global Unified Solution Services is a Gold OECM Supplier Partner providing products and services under OECM’s Master Agreement.

Architectural Acoustics 

Global USS provides custom-designed solutions that work with your aesthetic to increase acoustic performance.

What must a learning space have?

  • Good speech intelligibility for:
    • Students who speak English as a second language
    • Students who are sick or hard of hearing
    • All types of learning styles (introverted/extroverted)
  • Must follow the international standards of:
    • Reverberation times
    • Background noise level, including HVAC noise
    • Room to room acoustic isolation
  • Acoustics and technology that works with integrated audio visual systems
  • The same acoustic outcomes and technology solutions, whether it is a new or historical building

Working with your company’s interior design, Global’s acoustic consultant will provide a custom solution for room and isolation acoustics.

Our exclusive materials address the challenges of:

  • Glass meeting rooms (which have the fishbowl effect)
  • Rooms with hard surfaces
  • Large volume rooms

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