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Acoustic Treatment

There are two critical factors that are required during every meeting, lecture, or conversation – being understood and understanding what is being said; whether on a video conference call or an in-person meeting.

The often forgotten factor during video conference calls is that the conversation is between two different spaces that will have different acoustic properties.

Nothing does more to stop the flow of conversation than poor sound quality. (reword)

Our Solutions 

Room Acoustics

Architectural and design trends of hard surface rooms can lead to poor acoustics and speech intelligibility – known as the ‘Fishbowl’ effect.

We concentrate on optimizing Room Acoustics with specialty materials, transparent sound absorbers and camouflage solutions.


Isolation Acoustics

We provide solutions which keeps private information from your meetings in the room.

  • Protection of private conversations
  • Containing amplified voice and A/V information in meetings
  • Isolation optimization through sound barriers and room ‘tightening’

DeAmp Panel

The only truly transparent sound absorber. 

DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorbers are the solution to controlling the acoustics in rooms with large areas of glass or other hard surfaces – while maintaining transparency and openness.

Customizable options for DeAmp panels include:

  • High resolution CMYK colour printing
  • 3M™ and SOLYX® film application 
  • Options include coloured, matte, non-glare, frosted P95, and ‘sign white’ acrylics
  • Back lighting options

Diffusers, Scatterer & Redirecter

Diffusion, scattering, and redirection products control reflections without making the space sound too acoustically “dead”. 

Typically constructed with Class “A” fire-rated wood or thermoplastics. 

  • Available with an infinite range of veneers and stains
  • Available as a painted surface or as Pantone/RAL colour
  • Mounting options are typically on the wall or ceilings
  • Quadratic Residue Diffusers are sequence 11 with Schroeder low frequency cut offs 


Fabric Wrapped Panels & Stretch Fabric Walls

Fabric wrapped panels are the most common form of acoustic treatment. For large area coverage, stretch fabric walls are a great option for “hidden acoustics”.

Custom options are:

  • Hundreds of fabric options to match your decor.
  • A range of thicknesses to absorb at different frequency bands.
  • Constructed of only fire-rated fabric and substrate.
  • Multiple mounting options are available for fabric wrapped panels.
  • Customizable options for stretch fabric walls.

Eco-Felt Absorbers

An eco-friendly option for acoustic absorption. Made from 100% polyester fibre of which 60% is derived from recycled water bottles.

Which contributes to LEED MR credits.

Fire testing – Class A E84 and ULC S102.


Custom options are:

  • Available in 20 colours and two thicknesses.
  • Infinite design options – such as wall & ceiling panels, hanging canopies, and acoustical privacy barriers.
  • Computer-controlled cutting to any shape imaginable.
  • Impact, bacteria, and moisture resistant.
  • Tackable, lightweight with no VOCs.

Our Partners


Global USS is the exclusive North American licensed manufacturer and master distributor of authentic DeAmp Panels.


Global USS is the exclusive Canadian distributor of RealAcoustix products.

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