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Global USS is certified and experience in implementing network security solutions. We have proven processes, methodologies, software, and security engineers that have made our company earn a strong reputation. We provide an array of network security solutions. Below are some of the most common solutions that our team implements.

Zero-Day Protection
We provide advanced sandbox protection.  As hackers create more sophisticated malware programs, it is important to always be upgrading your network security. Your enterprise will need a multi-faceted prevention strategy to protect the end-users. This means ensuring: proactive protection is in place; threat detection updates; eliminating threats before they reach users; and more…

Threat Prevention Appliances & Software
We have unique threat prevention appliances and software that is dedicated to stopping application-specific attacks, botnets, APTs (advanced persistent threats) and zero-day threats.

Threat Intelligence
Each day new threats are emerging. Our network security tools are always being updated with the solutions to these threats. It’s vital that your solution records, updates, and manages each new threat.

Web Security
Web security is a topic that our security engineers excel in. From providing URL Filtering, to Secure Web Gateway’s – we would work with your staff on applying best practices.

DDoS Protection
DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service is one of the most popular security attacks that our clients ask for help with. Protecting against traffic flooding, bandwidth, and application attacks are key.

Mobile Security or MDM
Employing a MDM or mobile device management solution is becoming more prevalent with enterprises. As users are now given the privilege of BYOD (bring-your-own-device) the possibility of data theft is increasing.



One of our core protection is software-defined-protection.
Our SDP protects you via three layers: MANAGEMENT, CONTROL, and ENFORCEMENT Layer.

Integrates security with business processes. It includes working with staff members, and ensuring there is visibility, automation, reporting, and tracking on operations.

Focuses on real-time protections to the enforcement points. It includes investing user-points, their control accesses, data protection, encryption, threat intelligence, and more…

Enforce a layer of security with preventative measures. We centralize control and monitoring to one unit – ensuring your network security is unified.



Our Data Networking solutions combine the following LAN Networking and Wireless Networking. Both of these solutions allow the proper protection that your company needs.


Whether your LAN has layer 2 or layer 3 switching and routing, we can provide you with the best solution possible for LAN/WAN networking. Along with switching and routing, we offer the best management for your network. This will allow you to administer, oversee, troubleshoot and configure all aspects of your network.


Wireless Networking is a very important part of any company. Allowing your employees to have VPN access means that your network needs to be secured from any third party system.

With wireless systems becoming a big part of each network, you need to make sure that your wireless can stay intrusion free. Providing wireless solutions, access points, controllers and Wi-Fi analytics allows you to properly manage your network while having it safe and secure.