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Global USS understands that your manufacturing facility has many moving parts. We integrate the best manufacturing technology. The solutions include the following:

Connected Factory

Cisco's Connected Factory solution helps to connect your entire factory to run seamlessly. This will help your factory to through through one connected system.

Connected Machines

Cisco's Connected Machines help with machine monitoring, maintenance predictions, optimization and the overall health of your machines. This solution allows you to monitor and connect all of your machines.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a key aspect for displaying important information to your employees. Through Digital Signage management programs, you are able to monitor and change all of the content. This can be very useful for lobbies, warehouses, and factory floors.

Network Security

Security for your manufacturing facility is extremely important. Whether you are a big or small facility, the security of your facility can be at risk. Know how to protect your facility with the right solutions.

Video Walls

Control and monitoring is very important for any business. In a manufacturing facility, there is not room for any mistakes. A video wall makes a great resource to monitor and display multiple screens of information at once.

Wireless Communication Devices

With thousands of feet between each employee in a warehouse, it is hard to keep in touch with each employee. Wireless communication is a great way to ensure all of your key leaders and management staff have streamlined communication.

Manufacturing facilities have many important aspects to them. Global USS will ensure that all of the proper technologies are in place

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