Our corporate solutions integrate the best technologies for your entire office.

Technology in office spaces can be very frustrating. With the amount of meetings per day and the use of technology in corporate spaces, IT staff can become very overwhelmed with all of the items they have to maintain.


 Our corporate solutions include the following:



Allow your staff to easily book meeting spaces with our room scheduler that integrates with email platforms.


With the push of a button your entire room system can be controlled and maintained the way you prefer. With our control technologies, it allows us to program many different types of technologies.

Put your business phone system in the cloud. We provide an easy to use, feature-rich, and affordable phone system works around your business requirements.


Don't let your display technology bring down the power of your business. Allow for easy communication through crisp displays and projectors that integrate with your entire system.


Connect with employees and clients all over the world. Don't let the distance between you prevent your business form operating at its fullest. With videoconferencing you are able to connect with multiple people instantly.


Wires are a thing of the past. Don't let them cover up your table and create an eye sore. One of the most popular technologies of the year are wireless collaboration devices.

Connect all of your technology solutions with Global USS

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