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Global Unified Solution Services Inc. implements the various solutions to help improve the work flow of your organization.

Patient registration works in many different forms. Together with all of the different aspects it creates the ultimate platform patient information exchange

Patient registration is becoming a key aspect of many healthcare institutes. This allows for effective and efficient customer information exchange.

Pre-registration. Can be done online from a patient’s home. This allows the patient to save time by filling out all necessary paperwork before arriving at the hospital. Pre-registering saves hospitals and clinics time and staff costs.


This also allows them to update their demographics, register for a new appointment, pay their outstanding bills, and an option for them to fill out a questionnaire.

Onsite Registration. This is done through a patient registration kiosk at the hospital's location. This will help to reduce wait times as well as taking up staff's time.
On site registration allows for express OHIP card check in, bill payments, foundation donations, and queue management.

Patient Queuing. Once the patient is successfully registered, they are given a registration number and will be placed into a que. This allows the staff to manage the flow of patients in order of priority.


Visual displays in waiting areas call up the patients by their registration number.


Data Warehouse. All patients are required to fill out a certain amount of information. Our solutions store all of this information so you are able to access it at a later time.


With this information you are able to create various reports on patient flow, traffic, and registration times.

Patient Registration is also connected with our Wayfinding Technology. This way, you can link your registration with where your appointment is booked in the hospital.

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